Tourism Policy and Strategy

Tourism ministers from the Australian and state and territory governments have identified four policy priorities under Tourism 2020, the national strategy to grow the tourism industry. These are to:

  • encourage high-quality tourism experiences, including Indigenous tourism
  • limit the tax, red tape and other regulatory burden industry faces
  • undertake coordinated and effective marketing campaigns to drive demand
  • work with industry to support the development of tourism infrastructure that can drive demand.

Tourism 2030

Development of the next national long-term tourism strategy is underway with the new strategy to commence in January 2021.

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Tourism 2020

Tourism 2020 is a national strategy to grow the tourism industry through a partnership of government working with industry to achieve the Tourism 2020 target of doubling overnight expenditure of domestic and international visitors to between $115 and $140 billion by 2020.

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Infrastructure and Investment

Investment in critical tourism infrastructure will drive industry growth and ensure that the industry remains globally competitive.

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Labour and Skills

英雄联盟s10竞猜Development of a skilled tourism workforce to better service the visitor economy.

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Transport and Access

英雄联盟s10竞猜Improved aviation connectivity to key visitor source markets and simplified visa processes and passenger facilitation.

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